Though born in Houston, Clint was raised on the unforgiving warrior planet Thanagar (Earth-1). After honing his flying skills and training in advanced mace fighting, Clint returned to Earth and Texas Christian University to cut his teeth in Film Production.

In 2004, Clint immigrated once more, this time to Los Angeles where he has lived while also serving as member of the Justice League. Clint's hobbies include golf, slow pitch softball and soaring to great heights then diving towards the ocean only to turn skywards once more at the last second, skimming the peaceful surface of Poseidon's domain with the tips of his wings. He directs all of Team Tiger Awesome's work.

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*kshhkt* All cars please be on the lookout for the following suspect:

  • A 27 year old mostly Caucasian male, who graduated from TCU and has been acting and writing for more than ten years. Suspect has resided in and has suspected safe-houses in Fort Worth, Texas and Steamboat Springs, Colorado.
  • Suspect's current residence is aboard a boat. Suspect has appeared in numerous plays. Please see production photos from The Misanthrope, Carousel, Sweeney Todd, The Winter's Tale and Talk Radio for suspect's likeness. Suspect is accused of participating in more than one reality Television show and a terrible horror movie called 'The Curse of Lizzie Borden.'
  • Suspect's manifesto has been adopted into: subversive OSHA training videos, subversive feature length film scripts, subversive plays presented to unsuspecting youth, and subversive poetry presented to an unsuspecting intelligentsia.
  • Suspect is known to be training in lethal forms of improv taught by UCB and has spent several years honing his deadly craft with sensei Laura Henry.
  • Suspect is known on occasion to carry a violin, use comma splices, and talk to his cat.
  • By no means should you allow suspect to read his poetry to you.
  • Suspect should be considered armed and impolite.
  • Suspect answers to the alias: Michael Ryan Truly.

    Please apprehend. *kshhkt*

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    Nick Mundy graduated from University of St. Thomas where he played rugby, wrote an award winning sports column, and that’s about it.

    Following graduation he moved to New York where he learned how to edit surgeries of gastric bypasses and breast augmentation for Peabody award winning television show "Extreme Makeover." (No, not the good one.) Soon after, he relocated to Los Angeles and moved on Clint's couch. With an idea for TTA on his mind, Nick would incessently talk about start doing it until Clint and Truly relented and gave in. Nick claims this as his ultimate victory.

    He is currently studying at the Laura Henry Acting Studio. All of the above, is true.

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    If you would like contact the guys, please email them at info at teamtigerawesome dot com.
    For any business type inquiries please contract Matt Eisenman at Eisenman at kaplanperrone dot com.

    Clay Dzygun is an invaluable part of the TTA family. His superior acting talents, icy-cold demeanor, and quick trigger finger has gotten TTA out of many jams since Captain Brenard assigned Clay to the case. Clay Dzygun was born and raised in Spring, Texas. He holds a B.F.A. in Directing for Theater from Texas State University.

    In august of '06, Clay moved out to LA where he is still living and working. Clay's stage experience includes The Laramie Project (Dennis Shepard et. al.), Eqqus (Harry Dalton), and Waiting for Lefty (Sid).

    His favorite TTA credits include Danger Squad (Cherekao), Tom Brady: Superstar (Keith Olberman), and Mypos Tourism Board (Balki). Currently, Clay is studying with Laura Henry Acting Studio and refusing requests to grow back his wicked mustache.

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    Jonathan Nicholas was raised in a small Texas town with a muted artistic community, Salvation came from extensive world travel and free thought ignited by his university studies and peers. He majored in film production at TCU to be a director, not realizing he was actually grooming himself to become a cinematographer. A minor degree, in studio art taught him the basics of celluloid art and the critical study of other artists.

    Jonathan excelled to the top of TCU's Radio Television Film department gaining the award for "Production Person of the Year: May 2006 TCU RTVF Dept.," and contributed the most to creating the RTVF Dept. soap opera "Southern Comforters." He was co-designer of the soap's sets and foreman of construction. Of ten episodes he directed three and was Lighting Director for the entire season.